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Building an organization that is capable of turning financial resources into spiritual peace as peacefully, effectively and efficiently as possible, requires that we handle the following steps with deep care:

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Identifying and meeting a wide variety of spiritual peacemakers and leaders across the globe.


Speaking and working with spiritual peacemakers and leaders from (#1) to learn how to best measure the impact of their practice on the broader community.



Providing financial and operational support to these spiritual peacemakers and leaders, while making sure that progress along specific mutually agreed-upon metrics (#2) is occuring.

A new way

We are looking to build our donation portfolio along two distinct, yet interrelated, types of funding projects: Seed donations and Growth donations

How can we as individuals influence the collective consciousness of our nations and move in the direction of peace? We do this by uprooting the roots of violence and war within ourselves. To prevent war, we cultivate nonviolence. We practice mindfulness in our daily life so that we can recognize and transform the poisons within us and our nation. When we practice nonviolence in our daily life, we see the positive effects on our families, society and government.


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