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Our donation criteria

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We support peace-centered individuals and groups from different spiritual peace traditions. Their integrity is of paramount importance and our focus is on co-defining with them common metric driven outcomes that are clear and we can all commit to. Our goal is to support their path toward financial independence.



We support individuals and groups with a deep commitment to integrity. Individuals and groups with a willingness to report successful or unsuccessful outcomes and data. People fully aligned with their mission and for whom their mission is more important than personal gain or progression. We will not support financially bloated and inefficient organizations, unless they are looking to restructure. 

Clear, Metric Driven Outcomes

For most of the projects that we fund we can come up with some core objectives/numbers that those receiving the funds can be focused on. Being clear on such issues allows the spiritual peacemakers we support to remain focused on their core practice, while concrete results are met and we are able to measure the impact of our donated dollars.

Peace centered & Culturally

Any individual or group that we donate to, is primarily focused on spiritual peacemaking practices and activities that contribute to the wellbeing of all living beings. This is a key criteria for our selection process, as oftentimes, in history people have strived for peace for some at the expense of others through the use of violent means.


Path toward Financial Independence

Our goal is to support individuals and groups in a manner that helps them become non-reliant on us for further support. We do this by helping them grow enough to be able to successfully fundraise on their own.                     

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How can we as individuals influence the collective consciousness of our nations and move in the direction of peace? We do this by uprooting the roots of violence and war within ourselves. To prevent war, we cultivate nonviolence. We practice mindfulness in our daily life so that we can recognize and transform the poisons within us and our nation. When we practice nonviolence in our daily life, we see the positive effects on our families, society and government.


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